Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Project finished!

Finally done! After getting waylaid and distracted over the past couple of weeks with things which included working and the worst chest cold I've experienced in years, I got the darned bag finished. It was a little smaller than I'd originally planned. I realized this once I had the lining put together - medium weight linen, lined with fusible woven interfacing and a couple of pockets. I was going to redo the lining as I hadn't cut the handwoven fabric yet. Then I lifted it up, and realized that the couple of extra inches I wanted to add would just add weight, and I still had the strap to add on, so I finished it as it was. Turns out, while it is a big narrower than I wanted, it will work just fine. It looks good and the pockets turned out in the right spots.

Now, to hem the leftover pieces into towels, a pouch, maybe a hat and of course keeping a sample swatch for future reference, so I can remind myself how nice a 10/2 cotton in a twill weave is. I still wish I had enough of that thread to make a shirt or something for myself but it was two small cones from a $2 leftover cone sale bin. I'm not even sure what it was, though it is obviously cotton and wove up so nicely into fabric with a lovely hand. Really, too soft and drapey for a handbag, which is why everything is interfaced to death, but it worked.

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