Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Weaving and more Weaving

Sometime ago, I picked up two cones of pale pink cotton at a thrift store for $1 a cone. I figured it might come in handy for sampling or when a pink urge hit me. A while ago, I decided to warp up the loom with the pink, to weave off some 1/2 twills. It too me a bit of time to warp up the darned thing as the colour was just not exciting me but I did it. I wove a sample of 1/2 twill - okay but I'd put on 5 yards and couldn't see doing 5 yards of straight 1/2 twill as it was too tight a weave to make great tea towels. I did a 1/2 rippenkoper - interesting ribbed effect but I'd paired it with a taupe weft so I could see the structure and it was rather sad and dull in the end.
I cut off the samples and re-threaded the whole thing to do a 1/2 point twill. It took me forever and a day to do this and by the time I was finished I was more than a tad frustrated. The results were better and I wove off the rest of the warp. I have to admit, that by the end of this cotton sampling warp, I really disliked it and was happy to see it gone - enough said.

Then I dug out the shetland I'd finished spinning in March and finally warped the loom. I do have to wonder though, why I stored the yarn in 3 different places. I found one ball in one spot, by accident. Another in a second spot that I obviously had meant for something else and then had to hunt down the bag with the rest, hidden in a safe place! I actually wonder if one of the balls was meant to be mitten yarn as it is obviously a tad fatter than the rest. No problem, I used it anyway as I had just enough to warp the project at hand.
This is much nicer than the pink. It is soft and yummy. I love playing with wool fibres and enjoy dressing the loom with fibre like this, all 473 ends of it! I'm using a point twill threading from Northern European Textiles Until 1000 AD, Lise Bender Jorgensen. I don't have enough black for the weft, so it will be blue handdyed - woad, handspun shetland. I may redye it darker as I've enough pigment left as the blue is rather soft. It will depend on weather - affects drying time and how quickly I get the loom dressed.

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