Friday, 3 October 2008

Distractions, distractions.. tsk, tsk

I should be finishing things up around the house. But I got cold, had to turn on the heat and got distracted while warming up. A huge cup of tea and a couple of projects which are more interesting than packing and cleaning will do that to me. Between things I should have been doing more of this week, I dressed the loom with a project I'd started before I wove the madder red wool. I'd wound off the warp and was about ready to dress the loom when I set it aside for the madder. Luckily, I thought about it before I bundled the chained warp into a plastic bag. I remembered to put in the worksheet I make up for each project I do, so I had all the necessary details at my fingertips.

It only took 3 days of sporadic playing at the loom to get it ready to weave and despite the broken diamond twill - from a Coppergate sample, being a tad fussy to treadle - two breaks with the same foot treadling in succession. Sorry it won't mean anything to non-weavers, but it does mean that it's fussier to weave than a solid walking pattern.
My first test sample was with the same weft and warp threads. Unfortuantely the marled thread for both warp and weft showed no pattern at all and I couldn't even find the 2 crossed threads that I knew I had. After changing to a darker thread, the pattern showed beautifully. While not common, different warp and weft coloured fabrics were found in early period and hey, why go to the trouble of a fancy weave structure if you can't see it? I should have over 8 yards of this fabric -a wool/silk blend.

I also present a lovely skein of tussah silk, dyed in the exhaust pot of madder from the red dress. I dyed it in roving form and the roving dried in what looked to be a matted, clumpy mess. However, when I put it to the wheel, it just opened up and loosened immediately. It was a dream to spin. I think all that flax must have worn off any rough bits on my hands. It plied up beautifully and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with this skein of 2 ply silk.


Helen said...

I love the woven fabric and I also love the tussah silk. Fabulous colour. And I know just what you mean about distractions. I can very easily be distracted from doing boring stuff like house work!

Tammy W. said...

HI Nina - I found you! I can't find your dress though. I'm going to bookmark your blog so that I can keep
in contact with you. Your blog is so
great! And it was great seeing you today.

Nina said...

Helen, thanks for the the lovely compliments. The silk is so soft that it beckons me. Unfortunately for me, today was cupboard clearing, wall washing and dusting.

Tammy, it was nice seeing you as well. I'm so glad that you rescued those sheep for Cate- Esther has the most gorgeous colour. Here is the link to the dress. Sorry that you'll have to cut and paste though.