Tuesday, 6 January 2009

In which Odette tries to battle the pet hair and fails miserably

We have one dog and one cat. Today, in preparation for another bunch of people tramping through our house to view it, I once again vacuumed. Now I have found that as soon as I vacuum, pet hair appears mysteriously in certain places almost before I get the hose put away. Over the past couple of months, I have developed a plan which so far has been fool proof. I trick the pet hair by vacuuming certain places, like the living room carpet before I do the rest of the house and then when the hair has finished spontaneously rising once again, I vacuum it a second time on route to putting away the hose. It has worked a charm... Until today that is when of course I was congratulating myself on the fact that pet hair, being inanimate, wasn't very smart.

More people are coming through the house tonight. Which means not only do I not get the garlicky roast my husband promised to make for dinner 'cause he's on holiday and wants to cook tonight, but that I had to do all the extra cleaning today. I dragged out the vacuum and did the living room carpet before getting the rest of the house vacuumed. On my way through to the hall way, I did indeed redo the carpet getting what I thought was the last of the hair which hides insidiously amidst the carpet fibres. When I went back to unplug the hose - yay for central vacs - What did I see? Tufts of pet hair growing from the fertile fibres of my area rug. I mean I almost never swear and this was one of those moments when I almost did!

After three passes of the stupid vacuum, I got to wash the floors. What did I see in the bathroom, but a tuft of dog hair floating about merrily as if to taunt me. Taunting dog hair - that is close to my limit! However, I never, ever will underestimate the intelligence of inatimate objects, nor will I cast judgment upon them. Neither will I ever presume that a method to foil such objects will work all the time. I keep my fingers and toes crossed that someone will soon buy my house and I can be relieved of this misery. That or that the loom faery will stick a 45 inch wide, 8 shaft loom under my pillow so at least I can lock myself in my studio where I can pretend that I'm not creating a mess and self-medicating in new fibres and weave structures in a way that nobody gets hurt - only my fibre budget and those who end up with my woven experiments. ( At least those items are soft and dont' hurt at all)


Tammy W. said...

Ha Ha Nina - you should try having hardwood floors - and 5 cats in the house. Can you say "TUMBLEWEEDS"?

Helen said...

OH! I know all about those pet hairs! I swear we once found a hair inside a boiled egg! My sons,much as they love the dogs say that it takes 30secs to get covered in dog hair and three months to get rid of it.I have learnt selective blindness. Hope you sell the house soon
bw Helen