Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spring Green Fibre

The green fibre is dry! I carded it with a drum carder to blend the colour a bit and loosen up the rovings. This is from the Golden Margeurite vat that I did the other day. I thought I had used a Dyer's Knotweed blue which was a chemical reduction and an some sort of urine vat reduction of either woad or indigo. However, the smell of the blue I'd thought was Dyer's Knotweed suggests strongly that it was a urine vat reduction of woad. Not sure how I packed the two types of rovings together, but I did. The urine vat reduced indigotin has a distinct odor, albeit faint. At anyrate, one green is lighter, with a yellowish undertone and the other is darker with a bluish undertone. Both are very pretty.

This is Little Dog, another Shetland sheep fleece from Tammy. Now, looking at the size of this fleece, I'd say that LITTLE Dog is a bit of an understatement. It is a pretty big fleece. I had to divide it into 3 pieces in order to shake it out to get rid of the second cuts and large bits of hay. It is long and fairly soft. Little Dog is black. The tips are sun bleached brown and he has a really nice mix of grey in the black. It is a really lovely colour over all. It seems to have a staple length of 5-6 inches which I find a really good length to spin. I've got part of the fleece soaking right now, just to see how it cleans up.

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