Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Small accomplishments in a busy week

I decided this week was a good week to get back to the spinning wheel. It had been sitting rather forlornly in a corner for a few weeks before the Ontario Handspinners Seminar and then again after, except for a sampling of the polwarth varigated wool. I finished up the one bobbin and then a second. One has been blocked but not the other one. The fibre is quite nice to spin once it gets loosened up as the dyeing process and stuffing 500 gms in one bag must have compacted it somewhat. I'm a little concerned about how I'm spinning it as I fear it could be a tad thin for what I was planning. I don't want to ply it as it would muddle up the colours. Weaving with singles would hopefully give a random plaid effect. Yes, this is for an every day garment, not reenactment clothing :) Interesting how the colour way has shifted in the two bobbins.... sort of the same but different. This is only 2 bobbins full, with the unblocked skein measuring about 648 yds and the blocked skein about 500 yds. I guess I'd better figure out a pattern and weaving plan so I know how much yarn I need to spin.

I also tossed a small project on the loom. It's a narrow 2 inch wide warp about 5 feet long. I'm sampling different patterns using a straight twill threading. I was getting incredible bored and dissatisfied with the project until I found a straight twill, 4 shaft threading for krogbragd. Krogbragd is normally a 3 shaft twill. Now if I can figure out why the selvedges are curling under I will be a happy camper. It's a pretty weave, fast and interesting looking. I'd read that the underside was unusable and I thought it was because of long floats. However, this one is fine, just not the same at all as the good side of the fabric.

The garden is happy with all the rain. The only thing I haven't enjoyed is that everytime I head out to weed, the skies have opened up. I've gotten wet a few times this week! The dog doesn't seem to care though, unless it thunders.


vandy said...

Hmmm....I've been invited to go spin next Tuesday, which means hauling out the wheel and checking for mousenests or spider webs. (Maybe not. It does hang here in my office/studio. But I bet it's dusty!) And figuring out where the heck I last saw some unspun fleece. I have some cleaned and carded Icelandinc (i Think) that I was given in Rhode Island last time... I even saw it sometime recently. Hmmm...

Nina said...

How did your spinning go?
I will admit that my wheel stays out in the livingroom, by "my" chair. When I sit down with the guys and watch t.v or just take a break, it is alway ready to go and a habit now just to start spinning while I'm sitting there. It does mean that I get alot done as I generally dislike just sitting around.