Sunday, 19 July 2009

A few small things

Look what my daughter made for me! She decided to combine my birthday cake with an exercise in working with marshmallow fondant. This is what we'll be covering her wedding cake in as it was less expensive than purchased fondant, was easier to work with and was actually reasonably tasty. The only thing I don't like about fondant covered cakes is the fondant. It's so heavy that I peel it off the cake. By the time I've done that, I don't want to eat the cake any longer. Not that that is a bad thing.

Last week I found this beautiful poppy growing in a barren spot in the garden. I let it go to seed, wanting to save them for the new house. Yesterday I went to check on it to see how it was maturing and drying. It was gone! The little patch was mowed down and my poppy was no longer there! As long as it was flowering, it was safe. Not that I blame whoever mowed, as it did look pretty scraggly once the petals had fallen.

The first tomatoes were harvested. They were tasty. The weather has been cool and damp. I was amazed that these ripened so early. There are more green tomatoes on the vines but nothing that looks close to ripening other than the 2 I picked and ate immediately. Half the plants in the herb bed love this weather and the other half seem to have gone on a work to rule campaign. The Golden Marguerite is ready to harvest, so I should actually chop off all those blossoms and stick them in the freezer for winter use.

I finally finished hubby's new tunic. He chose the colours. It's linen and long seams are done by machine but the thing is all hand finished. Ick.. that took forever. There are reasons I love my sewing machines and my serger! It is sitting on some yellow linen which one day will hopefully become a new undergown for me. . Although I'm not particularly fond of yellow, the shade is a wonderful weld yellow that I couldn't resist. As an under tunic, it should be perfect.

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