Friday, 21 August 2009

The Wedding

I don't normally do family pics here but since I was asked about the wedding :)
Here is the bride and the groom. I'm so proud of my little girl!
It was an outdoor wedding, held in the spectacular gardens of a bed and breakfast. After a summer of wet, cool and dreary weather, the day was perfect; warm, sunny and not to humid!

Of course the bride was beautiful. She chose the colours of deep pink, almost fuchia and a lime green as a wedding theme. These have been her favourite colours since she was able to choose!

The wedding party consisted of her best friend, her brothers and the groom's sister was the groom's best person. Here are the boys. My daughter spent a great deal of time making sure they were dressed perfectly. Two of them provided music for the ceremony. The middle lad plays bass guitar which really wasn't needed for the quiet chords and riffs which were played, so he gamely held the flowers and readings.

The boys and the groom all wore black Converse running shoes. What you can't see in these pictures is that my daughter has on custom made Pink, lined with green print high top Converse running shoes. This was a near miss until a dear friend in Seattle made sure we could get them as the company doesn't ship to Canada.

The Elora Mill was a lovely spot for a reception with wonderful ambiance and great food. My daughter told me afterwards that it was better than she even imagined it to be and was a perfect day. It really was.


Jody said...

I've been to Elora and it is really a lovely little town. Thank heavens the humidity has died down.

Tammy W. said...

Lovely Nina - sounds like a wonderful and personal day. Wish them all the best for me.

Karen said...

We got married in Elora too. I hope that your daughter's marriage is as happy as my own. :)