Monday, 16 November 2009

Bits and Pieces

I totally planned way too much for the weekend. It was the Arts & Science Fair for the local SCA group. I had wanted to do a fibre arts display with some demos and hands on activities. Then one of the food vendors backed out, leaving the Pie Stall empty. It was only a few weeks before the event, so I jumped in. However, it left me working out recipes for medieval pies and experimenting on my family. One night when I served Mushroom and cheese pie, my middle son asked me "why had I been holding out on them and hadn't made this particular pie before"? I figured that one was a good one. In all, I made 8 pies. The tortieres were cut into 8ths but the rest were in 6ths. That was 64 servings, which sold out in much less than 2 hours and meant that half the people attending had pie for lunch!

I did get the borrowed table loom dressed. It was there for display as I was going to let people try it, but I never did get around to it as I had to judge a bunch of things and had a bunch of meetings as well. The weave structure is a simple 2/2 twill. I'm using handspun bits and pieces that I regarded as "junk yarn" as there wasn't really enough of it for any real project and it is some of my much earlier spinning, so a tad uneven. It is dyed with Brazilwood and Cochineal. The Brazilwood will fade as the scarf gets used as it doesn't hold it's colour as well. It was spun pretty much in a woolen technique and I'm pretty sure this was all spindle spun as well. Because the yarn is fairly stretchy, I'm beating quite gently.

I also worked up a bit of bobbin lace. I used to do this a bunch of years ago but it has been packed away for a long while. It took me a few minutes to jog the memories but once I started, it was all good. Unfortunately I found that a) I stupidly used black thread so it's rediculously difficult to see and b) I was getting horrible stiff working away at it. It is a slow and somewhat tedious activity and I have to find a better way to position myself if I'm going to finish it.

Here I am in the new kirtle. I think it looks quite out of a Brughel painting. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do some redesigning of the pattern. I know it seems horribly picky, but that look is about 30 years later than I was after! It was comfortable though and I had lots of really nice comments about it, which was very flattering. The pattern will need a little bit of tweaking to make it perfect.

Other than that, I repotted a bunch of plants, including potting up a spider plant which was a housewarming gift. Once it roots in the front window, I have the perfect place for it. I unpacked a box of novels not long ago. The whole box was just one series of mainly trilogies. I picked one up last week and I shouldn't have. I'm now currently re-reading the whole series and am on book 7. That is what is really cutting into my time. All in all though, it was a really good week and it felt productive!


Jody said...

I agree that you like right out of a Brughel painting:)
When I visited the Louvre this summer I made sure to visit the Flemish and Dutch artist building.

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great, if not busy, weekend. You must be exhausted! The kirtle looks great. I never would have known it was out of date. Still, you should have it the way you want.

Any chance we can get the recipe for that mushroom and cheese pie???

Karen said...

Which series?:)

You looked great on the weekend by the by - love the new outfit.

Nina said...

Jody - Lucky you! Must have been a great trip

Leigh - Recipe is posted

Karen - Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey. It's my go to easy reading stuff that I re-read every few years it seems. Now on book 8. Thanks for the compliment on the new outfit.

Karen said...

I love Valdemar! Do you have the whole thing? Check her out on Wikipedia to be sure. If you don't, I can probably lend you whatever you're missing.

How do you feel about Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern? I've got almost all of them as well.

Nina said...

I first read McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series when my kids were just wee things. I'm sure I've read almost all of them more than once. I lost the series though to a rather rambunctious puppy in a teething stage, when she pulled them all off the bookshelf and munched down happily.
I've read L.E. Modesitt Jr. Recluse series a number of times as well, although they were all library books.

Olwen B said...

Would wearing a black partlet as a final top layer give more of the working class mid Henrician look, or is that a decade or so beyond your desired timeframe ? I'm thinking of a Kentwell Hall portrayal -

Olwen from talyland

Nina said...

Olwen - A black or white partlet would be fine. There is actually an inventory which lists a tawny partlet and one other colour as well. Mainly the problem is that the sleeves are a tad too wide(see how they angle off the shoulder), the boning should be a slightly different pattern and maybe just a tad lower in the front. I have more of the pink linen twill so I can cut a new bodice. That site is an awesome one. It's been a favourite of mine for inspiration for awhile now.