Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Colours of December

Inspired by Leigh at 5 Acres and a Dream and by Life Looms Large. Sue at Life Looms Large challenged people to post their own set of colours. I'll say that in December, around here we don't have the range of colours that one might see further south. Still, it was interesting too try to capture them. These are from my yard.

The view from my front window - The hay field looks like gold when the sun shines on it.
A small shot of what is firing up the woodstove. It's a small stove but not doing too badly at keeping the rambling cottage comfortable. We'll still have to see how it performs at -20!
Our small barn. It's not very big but apparently housed 40 pigs at one time. I'm guessing they were weaners or something small like that. We're hoping to clean it out and set it up for a few chooks - some meat birds for the freezer and maybe even a few for eggs.

A cranky old blue jay chasing off a downy woodpecker. There are at least 6 blue jays, the woodpecker, a pair of cardinals, a couple of blackcapped chickadees, a gazillion junco's and a bunch of assorted brown wrens and sparrows that we see on a daily basis. They are hungry little beasties.Sunset through the trees. As the days are finally getting longer, it felt good to offer up a prayer of thanks to the sun for coming back once again.


Life Looms Large said...

Nice colors!!! One good thing about starting this challenge in the winter is that by summer we'll all appreciate the increasing colors around us!

You have so many different kinds of birds. We've been surrounded by juncos, with only occasional visits from anything else. I even got excited to see a sparrow today. (We don't have many of them here in NH for some reason.)


Leigh said...

Great shots, Nina! I suppose December isn't colorful anywhere in the northern hemisphere, but those grays and browns are nice colors too. I'm glad you joined in and I liked seeing your little barn.