Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Colours of January

Sue at Life Looms Large has asked for Colours of January. It's been interesting actually thinking about photography again. Once upon a time I used to have a darkroom. I took tons of photos and even developed my own black and white piccys. I had great cameras and good lenses. I even had photos published in magazines as a teen... with articles no less. Life intervened and now I've only got a simple point and shoot to play around with. It's good for a little point and shoot. I love the easy and simplicity of digital photography and I don't really miss messing around in the darkroom. Winter has been mild this year. The frigid temperatures we would normally expect, just haven't materialized. We've had lots of mist, fog, rain and light flurries though. One misty day, I took the camera outside to play..... A pine tree in the back yard, heavy with frost.

We've had sunshine too! I love winter sunshine. We don't always get many sunny winter days. I was digging around the flowerbed and found these freeze dried roses!

Our Maple tree on one of those days that the sky is actually a deep blue instead of the pale, watery blue we normally get as a winter sky.

One of the roses on one of the cold, snowy days.

There is nothing special about this photo except that it was taken yesterday! On January 25, 2010, we had green grass! I'm not certain that I've ever seen grass in January before, so I had to document it!


Sara said...

Very pretty photos!!!

Life Looms Large said...

Great photos!! Thanks for joining in.

Getting a chance to take more pictures is a wonderful benefit of blogging for me!! Sometimes it threatens to take over from weaving as my creative outlet.

Love the green, green grass. I miss our lawn! (Hidden under snow despite warm temps and rain yesterday)


Leigh said...

I love your January colors.

How interesting that you did some serious photography when you were a teen. It's something I would have enjoyed if I had had a good camera. I'm happy with my digital now though and enjoy the instant gratification!

Annie said...

It's great to see the green grass again, isn't it? Although snow looks very pretty in the beginning, it's nice when it's gone again! Great photos.

Jody said...

Beautiful clear photos. It feels more like March then January. I can't believe that Ontario has had such a mild January!

Nina said...

Sara - Thank you for your kind comment!

Sue - Shortly after I took that photo, it started to snow again. It hasn't really stopped snowing yet.

Leigh - I agree that the instant gratification with a digital camera is wonderful. I also love being able to take multiple shots without worrying about the cost of film. I'm hankering for a digital SLR right now though - hadn't realized how much I missed f stops and depth of field adjustments. :)

Annie - It was nice to see the grass again, even for a short time. Normally we have several feet of snow this time of year and don't see the grass until March or April! It's white again though. I knew it wouldn't last!

Jody - It has been like March rather than January. I certainly hope that the winter goes out like a lamb. Imagine the shock of real winter weather after all this meek and mild stuff! I'm not complaining mind you.

Helen said...

Hi I love your January colours. I really regret I did not have my camera with me when we ad the reverse to yuo- an exceptionally severe frost-10 C so the trees were only etched in white againsnt a deep blue sky-sigh- so now can only report it. What I actually came onto say is do be careful with elecampane-it is a thug! Mine is huge about 8 foot with enormous yellow sunflower kinds of flowers. It is actually pretty but after trying to get blue with the root and failing we tried to dig it up. After we had dug half way to Australia we gave up and it came back with a vengeance!