Sunday, 21 February 2010

Colours of February

February has been a month of up and down temperatures, with lots of grey skies. Spring is on it's way though. You can feel it in the air. The buds are starting to swell and the tips of the tree branches are starting to just change a bit in colour, from dead brown to pinkish or goldish in colour, because the sap is starting to run. We've actually had a few temperatures which get just past freezing and the sun finally feels warm.

A February sunrise. It was around 7 am, maybe at bit earlier but not much. The dog doesn't normally like to go out in the morning while it's still dark! The sky was purple, pink and beautiful.

It was a cloudy, grey day. All of a sudden, the sun's rays broke through the cloud cover, reflecting off the barn and silos. The magic lasted only a few minutes unfortunately.

A visit to my friend's farm to check out the new addition. Pachino the Shetland ram is checking out the camera. What a sweet face! His coat is dense and crimpy.... pretty boy!

Chicken and Leek soup, cooked over the fire. There are sausages in the smaller pot and peppered apples just peeking at the bottom of the photo. This was a winter Saxon/Viking demo and that was our lunch! The rest of the photos are on a friend's camera, so I'll have to wait until I get copies of them to use them. It was fun but cold.


Life Looms Large said...

Great colors!!! Bonus points for outdoor soup cooking....definitely says February to me!!

I like how spinners can look at the coat of an animal and visualize how it might be in yarn.


Leigh said...


Karen said...

Beautiful colours!

And thank you for your help the other day - I feel inspired. :)

K Spoering said...

I love the colors you found! Especially the sun on the barn one. Inspires me to look more closely - beyond our February greyness.

Nina said...

Sue... The soup was a perfect outside winter day meal and yes, I love imagining what type of yarn a sheep's fleece will produce and then seeing if I was correct!

Leigh - thank you!

Karen - it was a fun day.. getting out and visiting and talking fibrey stuff.. all good!

K.S - thanks too for your comments. Our Feb can be very dull, grey and white. This whole colours of the month project has been very helpful in looking at common surroundings in different ways!