Monday, 27 September 2010

Colours of September

One again, Sue has put out the call for the Colours of the month.   It is definitely autumn here.  The nights have cooled down substantially.   To the north of us, they've already has frost warnings.  We've been lucky so far and it's not dropped below 3 or 4C.    The fall colours are starting as well.   Not quite as brilliant yet as an hours drive north of here, but starting none the less.

 A single Maple tree, turning colour and already losing it's leaves.   By the time the rest turn, this poor tree will have lost it's finery.

A swan in the city of Stratford.   The Thames river runs through it, with beautiful park lands on either side.   There are a huge number of swans who live here, taken care of by the city I believe.

A Mallow plant.  This one blooms in the late summer, well into the autumn.   It's spectacular colouring is welcome this time of year. 

The last of the pie pumpkins.   They are all harvested now and I've baked pie, frozen the excess and given pumpkins away.    I'll do these up later this week, but am enjoying their colour on the back deck for the moment.

A brilliantly coloured Maple Leaf.    It's deep red colour caught my eye from a distance.   It's autumn here and for a few short weeks, the colours will be gorgeous.  


Sharon said...

Absolutely gorgeous - what I think of as traditional autumn colors. We're going to take a train up from NYC to Cold Spring on our vacation to see the fall colors. Niece Allison suggested that, says its one of her favorite towns to visit. Can't wait to see for myself!

Jody said...

Hi Nina....I think the colours will be gone before Thanksgiving unfortunately. Always my favourite time of year.
I'll have to get to Stratford one of these days. I luv the swans....they were the rulers of the road when I lived in the Netherlands!

Life Looms Large said...

Good to see your September colors!!! Fall is finding its way to NH also, but you're ahead of us (or course!)

Love the mallow picture. We have a mallow in our garden, but the flowers are a single color. I feel like it bloomed months and months ago.

Thanks for sharing your colors!


Leigh said...

What a beautiful range of color. Love the shot of the swan.I envy those pumpkins. I only got two small ones, but am happy to at least have those. Love the maple colors too.

Tina T-P said...

Beautiful pictures - my camera doesn't do a very good job on reds - so fall is often hard to photograph.

Beautiful picture of the swans - Our pumpkins are getting riper by the day and I still have a freezer full from last year! T.