Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chooks and Stanley Cup Spinning

I woke up in a panic last Saturday morning as I'd suddenly remembered that the new chicks were due soon.  We'd started getting the little barn cleared out for them ages ago but people got distracted.  Like the rest of everything we've found here, it was far worse than expected.  The amount of junk stored in there was amazing.  We've been having bonfires every evening and we've hardly put a dent in just the old wood bits we've found.  There was a huge shelf piled with heavy pieces of wood.  We can't figure out how it stayed up since there wasn't a single nail holding it together, no pegs, screws, nothing but balance and a bit of luck I suspect.   The one side of the barn has a cement floor in relatively decent shape.  One would expect, from the way it was that the rest of the floor would be cement as well.  Nope, they hacked out most of the cement floor on the other side of the barn, but not all.  They left parts of it and rough edges.  They put old skids on top of the remaining dirt and allowed small and larger rodents to make their homes there.  This means there is lots of icky stuff to shovel out.   However, after days of work, my sweetie had a space to put the brooder together.  I ran around finding all the bits and pieces.  Today, I picked up the new babies - 45 of them, 35 for the freezer and 10 layers.  It's still pretty cold here and so windy today that even with 2 lamps on full strength it isn't warm enough, so I'll be hunting down things to cover the brooder with until either the weather warms up a bit or they start to feather out. 

In other news, it is the hockey playoffs.   We don't actually get enough t.v reception to get the stations which show the games, but we seem to be able to stream it this year.  So my computer gets commandeered for the games, which seem to be every single night right now.  I had forgotten how productive hockey games were for spinning sessions.   This is so far my play off yarn.  If I do this every single game, I might have a mountain of yarn to deal with by the finals!

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