Monday, 12 September 2011

Road Trip

On Sunday, my sweetie and I headed out for a short road trip.   It was a dreary, grey, drizzly day at home but we took the chance of rain was slim elsewhere, so I packed up the camera and we left for our first destination, an antique and flea market.  There were some beautiful pieces of furniture which I would have loved to bring home, but they were way out of our budget.    There was one spinning wheel for $65, old and in great shape, except it was missing it's flyer assembly :(.  No spinning tools or weaving tools and one butter mould which was falling apart.  I did find the cutest little matchbox holder though, which was in pristine shape and I talked the man down to $10.   My grandmother had one in her kitchen, which was cream with red trim and red and yellow flowers on the front.   This one is turquoise with black trim, and design.   Since we heat with wood, I think we'll actually use this little delight.

We went to Elora for lunch and some sight seeing.   It's a very beautiful, old town.  My daughter's wedding reception was held at the Elora Mill Inn.  We spent the night there, in a room with ancient windows and walls which were approx. 30 cm thick.  It was at the back of the Inn, so you could hear the water from the river rushing down the rapids and what was the mill race.    Unfortunately, the Inn is closed for renovations.    

We parked in an area near the Horse and Buggy parking.  It's designated with a sign stating Horse and Buggies only!  It's Mennonite country! 

We walked down a steep hill toward the Elora Mill Inn.  We walked along the street filled with cafes and boutiques, around the corner to the bridge.   Our goal was the walking trail on the other side of the river.  We mused that if one had to live in an apartment, being above the shops, with a balcony backing onto the river, would be rather nice. 

The back part of the old mill.  Those black spots are actually rods which run through to the front, holding the building together!   You can see that the weather we had there was certainly  not grey and drizzly.  It made us happy that we'd headed out despite our weather at home.

Along the walking path were several other ruins.   Some were the remaining foundations of a building or a pile of stones.  This one was pretty big and you could tell something about it.  Trees were growing inside of it and the path up to it was quite steep.  I wonder what that building was, all that many years ago?  Was it someone's home, or a factory, or something else?  It was quite secluded, although it could all be recent growth.   It was pretty and must have been an impressive building in it's prime.  

On the way back, one last view of the Elora Mill Inn.  It looks so majestic and beautiful from the walking trail.  Considering the number of cracks in the stonework, the condition of the roof , and thinking there must be a few other repairs needed, I hope the cost of renovating this old majestic dame, is affordable.   It is certainly a site worth preserving.

We headed home using a winding, unknown road for a most scenic drive.  Of course, we got here and it was still grey and dreary, but such is life.  It was still a lovely day out.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day! Lovely photos. I know you all had a lot of fun.