Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spinning in the New Year

 It feels like I've spent hours and hours,  blending and spinning fibres.  This is a 3 ply Merino/Silk blend.   It's amazing how much more time a 3 ply yarn takes than a 2 ply yarn.  The caked yarn is a 3 ply short forward draw, worsted and the skein is a 3 ply long draw, but not a true woollen.  I re-carded the sliver into rolags for the skein.  It muddied the colour blend a bit, but it did draft much more smoothly than the original sliver, which was pretty compacted.

This skein 2 ply blend of the same sliver.  I spun it up just for fun and practice.  It's a nice weight and there is a little bit of the original sliver left, which I will spin up to the same weight and TPI.  I should have enough for a pair of fingerless mitts or a hat. 

I'm using up the last of the Knotweed/ Japanese Indigo dyed fibres.  I blended this with a bit of white Alpaca.  This is a replacement for the Polwarth/Alpaca blend yarn I'd spun, that the kitten chewed up.  It's a nice yarn, but not nearly as nice as the original.  It's a 2 ply yarn, soft, consistent and worthy of some special project.  I have enough of the blue left that I can card and spin up about 2 more bobbins full of singles.  The problem is that I just don't feel the love that much when I'm spinning this.  I don't know why because it's decent fibre, feels nice, drafts well and makes up to a nice, squishy, soft yarn.

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Woolly Bits said...

I like the soft colours, very pretty! and I think much of the appeal of navajo plying comes from the saving of time in contrast to a "normal" 3ply! happy knitting with all of those - I am greedily waiting for monday, when I am finally allowed to get rid of the christmas tree - and will have space enough for comfy spinning again....