Sunday, 29 September 2013

Colours of September

These Fall Asters  are simply beautiful.  Each night they curl up and the next morning, they are fresh and bright.  These aren't the wild fall asters which grow in our area, are a lovely soft purple and are as hardy as anything.  I'd love some of those as well.   I do love the vibrant pink though.  They've bloomed steadily for several weeks now.
 Autumnal colours are starting.  For a couple of weeks now there have been hints of colour in the trees.  Now it's starting to be unavoidable.  You have to go a bit further north to get absolutely fabulous colours in the leaves but all things considered we don't do too badly.  
 Pumpkins from the garden.  They are Vie d'estampie, which is a variety I've not grown before, at least not with any success.  However these 3 will tell if they are as delicious as I've read about.  If so, I'll grow them again.  If not, I'll probably go back to the standard Sugar Pie, which is sweet and delicious. 
I've tried for several years to get Golden Marguerite (dyer's chamomile) established, with no luck.  Last fall, I simply scattered a few seeds about and then in the spring I also started some seeds to plant out.  The scattered seeds germinated and bloomed all in one summer!  While they're supposed to be a short lived perennial, they are quite hardy once established.  They do tend to give a lot of bright colour all summer long.

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Woolly Bits said...

yes, and they give lovely yellows on wool and silk, too:) I cut off all the flowers some time back - and discovered that they're full of flowers again just now... more picking and freezing, I think!
and I love asters, too - mine are purple, haven't found them in pink yet, but they are lovely spots of colour and go well with the autumn colours in the rest of the garden. I do like autumn - even though I never manage to grow good pumpkins:)