Friday, 11 October 2013

Fall socks

My friend Maureen went to PEI to visit family, build a deck and do some touring around.  One of the places she stopped was Belfast Mini-Mills.  Not only do they make small industrial wool processing equipment, but they also process fibre there.    Maureen decided I'd need a keep busy project for a couple of weeks in September, so she surprised me with a care package of fabulous sock yarn.  I mean fabulous as in roll around in squishy, soft and yummy superwash sock yarn that feels as nice as the high end yarn, not the affordable stuff, or at least the yarn I can afford.   Honestly, if the colours weren't so perfect, I might have just sat around squishing the yarn rather than knitting it up.

She mentioned that they only had one skein of the pink.  When she matched it with the blue, that gal in the shop said it would make lovely stripes.  Apparently Maureen knows me quite well as she told her that more likely I'd make one sock in one colour and the second sock in the other.   She was right.  This yarn is much too nice to waste on fussy stripes.   I started one pattern and realized that the yarn was just a little splitty for the all over cable pattern I'd chosen, so I switched it to a simpler pattern which just runs down the outside of each sock.  It's a little fussy to knit, but the large area of plain stockinette stitch makes it a little faster and definitely has relaxing aspects to it. 

I love, love, love the colours.  I love the yarn.  The pattern is Deflect from Knitty, which is a lovely on line Knitting magazine.  They have great articles and tons upon tons of patterns in each issue.


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Woolly Bits said...

hm, and I thought I am the only one who doesn't mind wearing two different socks:)the colours are nice, esp. the blue! which reminds me that I should finish a few 2nd socks:) happy knitting!