Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Getting Dizzy!

Getting dizzy from all that spinning you know.  I'd say miles and miles, but first we measure in kilometers here and secondly, it's not quite a mile.  There are 1760 yards in a mile and only 1413 yards of linen singles in these skeins.    It's more than a kilometer of thread though.   I've learned an awful lot about spinning flax with this exercise, that's for sure.  You know, things like longer drafting length and more twist.   I'll need to spin up another couple of hundred yards just to be sure that I have enough for it's intended purpose.    Lots of hours of spinning in this lot of thread too!

different photo, same subject of flax
  It will be a nice change when I get to see something other than the lovely tan colour on my wheel.   Apparently water retted flax is supposed to have a "strong and unpleasant odor".  However I've never found that.  It does smell like winter, barn stored hay.  Not that heady, sweet smell of fresh cut hay, but not unpleasant, all the same.   I'll be spinning some wool though soon enough and that will be quite a change from the long drafting length of the flax.

It's the Maple Syrup festival at Westfield Heritage Village!   The whole village is alive with maple activities.  There are sap collection buckets hanging around the site.  The sap is boiled down at the sugar shack and in the Inn, where historical pioneer methods are demonstrated.  As well, the interpreters are in action.  Last weekend they were cooking griddle cake scones and maple cookies.   I was demonstrating as well, but wearing civies since I was parked just outside the gates.   My helper and I were making maple taffy.   How great is it when your job for the day is to make candy and hand out free samples?  It's a totally awesome way to spend a day! 


Leigh said...

So envious of that maple syrup making! I sure wish we had some sugar maples close by. Envious of all that spinning too.

Sharon said...

I thought I'd had maple in every form but I've never had maple taffy and it sounds terrific. My organic mother would only allow me "natural" treats so I've eaten my share of maple surple.