Monday, 9 June 2014

Balancing Yarn Twist -getting it right

Sometimes it's the small things about spinning which make my day.  You know, when you do the math, get your calculations for spinning singles and then for plying.  You count and get into a zen bit of spinning. 
You pull the plied yarn off the bobbin, winding it onto a skein and you get this over twisted mass of yarn, which winds around itself. 

 I've stopped thinking to myself - OMG, I've done something wrong.  Instead I drag it to the sink.  I fill up a container with warm water or warm soapy water, depending on the yarn.  Then I let it soak for a few minutes or longer.   After squeezing out all the water, if you got it right... poof, beautifully balanced yarn!  It's one of those little things which always makes me happy.   It's not that you can't use an unbalanced yarn for particular reasons.  It's that I like balanced yarns.  I find them easier to use to get the results that I prefer.

I love the near instantaneous change in the yarn.  When you do projects which often take a long time, sometimes the instant gratification of small things like this, becomes something to look forward too.


Leigh said...

I know the feeling!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I AGREE!!! :-D