Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Socks

My sock drawer is almost full.  I'm going to need to find a new sock storage facility.  It's not like I don't wear them though.   Really, the more socks you have the longer they last and it's nice to have a special pair of handmade wool socks for every possible occasion.    I started these 2 days ago.  The first time, with a lovely, soft, squishy yarn by Sweet Georgia.  I love the yarn but not only was the colour too dark to show the cables but the plies were splitting with each cable, making it a pain to knit.  I was 1/3 done the first sock cuff when I ripped it out.  The yarn will shine with a different pattern.

   I couldn't find the grey or the light blue that I was going to use.   I moved the skeins this summer, when I was anticipating bagging up little sock kits with yarn and patterns, for use over the winter.  Then I had to move some things quickly and hid them well.  I'm sure I tossed them in a basket and I'm not sure which one.  Either way, they are hidden with other skeins and fibre, which I didn't feel like sorting right now.  I did have this rather run of the mill sock yarn.  It's by Estelle and it's pretty enough and will wear and wash well.  Hopefully it will soften up a bit when washed.

 It's almost as dark as the first yarn, but not quite.  It still hides the cables more than I'd like but I'm not ripping it out and starting again.  I'm 14 rows from finishing the first cuff.  Of course I've made a mistake in those 14 rows 3 times, and have ripped it out those few rows as many times.  Now it's a matter of pride to just get the darned thing done.   It's not a difficult pattern, but it requires counting; something in which I'm obviously lacking practice.  Really, the highest number of stitches before changing patterns is 11.  How hard should that be?  Other than my counting issues, the sock is much easier than I anticipated and just flying off the needles.  Cables are fun, fast and easy.  Really, it's just knitting stitches out of order, so once you figure out the chart symbols, you're good to go.    The designers don't always use a standard set of symbols, so it's a smart idea to check before you start.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Hmmm, I like both colors. Looks like a neat pattern.

Woolly Bits said...

hm, I know what you mean. when I knit bigger stuff I sometimes use at least a row counter (not that it helps, when counting stitches wrongly:)), but with dpn they tend to get in the way... and I have packed my box of washers away so well - that I cannot find them:( the crochet project I want them for has to go down on the to-do list - I can't be bothered to hunt for them any longer...