Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Catching up

Master Spinner level 5 homework is in the mail, winging it's way to the instructor for marking.   It took all my energy and time for a couple of weeks in order to get it finished  before the deadline.   I had to retrain myself to sit and spin for long periods, practice stairs so I could get down to the warping board (it is permanently attached to the basement wall).  I hadn't woven anything since last year's level 4 final project and had to relearn all those leg movements.  It seemed to take forever!

The weather has been on and off again.  One day it felt like spring and the next we had 2 inches of snow, which stayed for almost 2 days.  But all through the wind, rain and snow, the Maple trees still flowered.  The daffodils and tulips pushed up through the mucky ground and the crocuses bloomed for  their normal 2 minutes before the weather changed and the blossoms faded.  I planted some new crocus bulbs last fall, but they didn't come up.  I will try again this fall.

The little blue flowers which decorate the flower beds started blooming.  There are 2 or 3 different varieties but they are an awesome blue, which I have rarely seen in flowers.  They bloom early and quite profusely.  By ignoring them, they are starting to spread, popping up with dots of colour on the lawn.  Hubby isn't so thrilled, but I am!
 I was at Westfield on Sunday, in the Inn.   I brought my dutch oven, some carrots, parsnips, onions and a chicken. They roasted nicely in the hearth.  I was going to do the recipe Chicken a la Turque from the Cook's Own Book (1832) but forgot to bring the rice for stuffing and someone ate the bacon, which was to be wrapped around the bird before roasting.   It was plain old roast chicken instead.   The other pot holds Apple Compote from the above cookbook.  The recipe calls for 6 apples and 1/2 lb of sugar, some lemon juice and peel.   The apples became quite clear but held their shape.  The texture was a bit odd and the taste was not quite what I was expecting.  The lemon did cut the sweetness a bit but it was still a bit cloying and very syrupy.  Mainly though, there was an odd after taste.   Since I still have most of them left, and my boys would have gobbled them down if they tasted good, I won't be making this particular recipe again.

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