Monday, 22 February 2016

In Between

In between my historical cooking experiments for the Historical Food Fortnightly challenge, there has been a bit of spinning.

 A bombyx silk with a captivating colour named Tidal Pool.   The colours are gorgeous but it reinforced how much I really don't like spinning silk.  I love spinning silk in a blend though and hindsight being what it is, I should have blended this silk with some merino wool.  There is only 50 gm of this and it would have been a good way to stretch the pretty silk so I had enough for an actual project, with the bonus of making it nicer to spin.   Live and learn...

There has been more spinning of the giant white fleece. More long draw. More drum carded batts pulled into roving.  Eventually I will have enough for a sweater.  I was keeping track of the length of each skein as it came off the niddy noddy, but the post it note I was using, got unstuck and has disappeared.   I blame it on Kevin, who was playing in the area and on myself who stuck the little piece of paper on my desk, unfortunately I fear, in a place where the little square could flutter into the trash can if dislodged.
Regardless, my pile of 2 ply, white yarn is growing.  I am super comfortable doing the longdraw now.  It was good before, but after all these skeins, it is a comfortable skill and I'm very happy with the ease of consistency.   I know I've talked with some spinners who won't try new ways of drafting, and I wonder if it is just that as adults, we've forgotten about practicing and the wonders it can do for a skill.

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Bettina said...

the silk has lovely colours! I love spinning silk though, the finer the better:) you could always use it to ply with another fibre to bulk it up a bit? haven't done any spinning in ages, I should really get going again. and I am glad that I finally learned the long draw, it makes such a difference to the resulting yarn that it was worth investing all that time to learn!