Thursday, 30 March 2017

Falkland Singles

The first bobbin of the Falkland singles for the spin patterning project is done.   This is 550 yards of singles, 40 wpi.   I wet finished them by soaking in hot water and then in cold, to full them a tiny bit.  I let them dry on the niddy noddy to keep the active twist from curling up too much.   I don`t like to pre-felt or totally full my wool yarn.  If it is properly spun, it will hold together without any extra effort.  Actually, from my experience, even unevenly spun yarn is pretty functional for weaving.

This yarn makes me happy!  Really, really happy!  It is so freaking awesome that I just want to show it off.  I am so hoping that the spin patterning shows up at least a little bit and all this effort is worth it.    I`m working on the second bobbin of Z twist singles.   Then I`ll do the S twist singles.   I had thought of doing them alternately, in hopes of getting the loom dressed and finishing the spinning at the same time but then I realized that I`d actually said I`d do a project in between, so there was no real reason to not just spin each type of yarn all at once.

My sweetie thought it would be sweet to make up Easter baskets for my grown kids this year.  We`ve negotiated it down to one basket to be shared.   Because we have an interesting mix of vegetarian, sometimes vegan, and omnivores, I usually end up making most of the items for things like this.  That way the I only eat organic today kid, still gets treats.

I`m making some waffle weave face cloths, that I can shape into bunnies and pair with some sort of spiffy soap.   That is presuming I actually get the project finished in time.  Easter is rapidly approaching and I`m pretty sure my idea to make Harry Potter chocolate frogs for the basket, won`t actually come to fruition.

I`m using cottolin and cotton, both stash items.  The cotton is 2 strands of 2/16 in that bleached white.  It is such a cold colour and I really don't like the way it pairs with almost any other colour.  It is just so stark, unfeeling and icy.  Most of the other colours have this softer undertone, so I find that the natural white tends to feel more organic and warm when paired together.   However, the white was in my stash and I'd no idea what I was going to use it for, so I figured who cares for wash cloths, whether for faces or the kitchen.  I have some 2/8 cottolin in a more natural white for the weft, which I'm hoping will take out a bit the reflective glare of the bleached white.

But check out those Falkland singles... so happy!

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