Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The week before Easter

I cut the purple waffle weave off the loom on Sunday and wet finished it.   I started sewing between each piece, to secure the threads when I ran out of thread of an appropriate colour.  I had no white thread left and only purple of an odd shade which looked horrid with the towels.  I had to go to town anyway yesterday, to get to the guild room, run some errands and get my cute little car in for an oil change, so I just added one more stop to pick up some thread.  Hopefully I'll get started on hemming the face cloths tonight.  This run of face clothes was done at a sett of 24, which makes for a very nice looking fabric.  I'm going to do a comparison of the waffle weave I did at sett 20 and these at sett 24.   The slightly looser ones have a lovely drape are are soft and absorbent when in use.  It will be interesting to see if these work the same way.

I started on the candy for the Easter Basket.  Milk chocolate rooster lollipops and peanut butter filled, dark chocolate frogs.  This is pretty easy stuff, melt the chocolate, pour in a mould, chill till hardened, pop the candy out and bag.  The gold twist ties make them look special though.  I wonder if I should get some jelly beans to add a bit of candy colour?

Every Easter basket needs Easter eggs.   It is hard to believe that it takes about 3 hours per egg to make these, and these are simple pysanky, done mainly freehand.  There are fancy electric kistka, the stylus used to spread the wax, lathes to make lines perfectly straight and even etc.  I just use a candle, a little tub of beeswax and very basic kistka, although I have 3 different sizes for thick, medium and thin lines. The one on the bottom right egg was cracked, so I need to make a replacement.   The blue egg, has turquoise details, but the colours are too similar to show well.  I'll redo that egg as well. I was supposed to demonstrate these on Friday, and then could give them to my kids on Sunday.  I was going to use these as samples for the demo.  However, because of a work schedule, we're gathering on Friday, so the original plan won't work, if I'm able to switch the demo to Sunday.   Not sure how I'm dealing with that yet.

I just realized that this stuff should all have been done last week, to keep this shorter week less rushed.   I guess that didn't work out in my planning.

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Woolly Bits said...

you're not alone in miscalculated easter preps! first I forgot to sow the cress for the easter egg bed... luckily it's growing fairly well, so I hope we'll have some green stuff for easter breakfast! then I had planned to do a few blown out eggs to paint and decorate - but by now it's wednesday - and not a blown egg in sight! I think I'll better wait until 2018 or I'll have to do some very late shifts:( never mind making any chocolates - even though I bought two moulds a while back:( but I might just make them, simple ones, no special filling etc...
now to do all the shopping first - the absolute must-have are dyed fresh eggs for breakfast (done on sunday morning:) - and a home-made easter braid, with yeast/saffron dough! done on saturday, both without major preps:)
by the way - I love the purple in your weaving! must be nice to use your own towels etc. in the bath!
happy easter to you and yours - and enjoy the chocs:)