Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Catching up two weeks worth of stuff

Argh - I've been trying to post for days, but there is always something which has distracted me so I'm sitting down and just doing it.  Actually, I'm supposed to be dressing the loom right now.  That was the plan, but I didn't get the rest of the warp wound yesterday.   I'm waiting for a delivery of dirt - a dump truck with 4 c yards of triple mix actually, to fill raised beds.   The only place I can see or hear the truck come in is in the living room.    If I had the warp wound, it would be perfect, but my warping board is permanently attached to a basement wall, so I wouldn't hear the truck.    I need to be able to show them where to dump the dirt and not have them dump it on the driveway!
So FOOL, or Fruits of our Labours was fun.   The weather was undecided.  It was very cool at nights, rained in the morning and had enough glorious sunshine to make us forget the rest of the weather.   There were some awesome classes.  Sir Edward ended up having enough time on his pole lathe to make this bowl.    Since my phone camera is acting up, this is the only photo that I took, which turned out half way decentlyOnce I got home, I did laundry - oh,always so much laundry after an event - got rested up and then caught some nasty virus or something.   I spent some time looking for a stainless steel rectangular roasting pan to dye with.   Way too expensive right now as the cheapest I found was $99.   I checked on line and local stores.  I even checked thrift stores to no avail.   Not sure what the next step will be, but I do want to try some of these new techniques for modern dyeing that I've read about and watched.   

I did take advantage of the hot, sultry and very abnormal May weather to wash up some fleece.   I emptied the bag with the lamb's fleece.  It washed up nicely.     I've started on the box of remaining fleece from my Master Spinner in-depth study.   That was a huge fleece for sure!   Not having a good way to wash large amounts of fleece in the winter, being able to dry it outside is a boon to productivity.   It does take time though, 3 washes and at least 3 rinses.  It takes a little longer using the laundry sink instead of a basin, but I can do so much more at a time that it's worth it.   

Otherwise, I've been playing in the dirt. I've got two pots of Japanese Indigo planted,which are loving the hot weather.  The Dames Rocket is flourishing in the Winter Onion patch!  I made Rhubarb/Apple crisp - yum.   The deck planters are almost filled.   I need another trip to the garden centre for a couple more plants.   

The  seeds for the raised beds have been purchased.   I also found two awesomely nice looking blueberry bushes for only $8 each, so they came home with me.  One will replace a sad looking blue berry bush which never really grew well and the other will go on the other side of the bush beside it or they'll go in the front flower beds.   I haven't quite decided yet. 

The red currants and gooseberries are already heavy with green fruit.   If the weather holds and the birds don't get them, we may have a very early, bumper crop!

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Woolly Bits said...

our weather only warmed up 2 weeks ago - but is very summery just now! gooseberries and black currants are looking good as well - the red are eaten by birds anyway - kind of like a deterrent for the blacks:) even the apple blossom set looks good just now - maybe we'll get a good season for once? the downside is the carrying of water cans every evening, but if I don't all the fruits will drop!
the downside is that everything "woolly" ist just too warm now - I don't have fleeces to wash, but knitting and spinning are down to a minimum - I pulled out some cross stitch ufos:) at least grey matter isn't needed for that, I sometimes feel as if my brain cells melt in the heat:)
enjoy the good weather - at least you have washed enough wool for wetter times!