Tuesday, 10 July 2018

More colour!

 It was a bit cooler on Saturday, so we revisited the same hiking trail that we'd hiked in June.   Oh so different now!   The swaths of Queen Anne's Lace were now just green and brown seed heads.There was hardly any colour other than shades of green and brown.  In two different places on the trail, a single stalk each of these lilies grew.  It was a shock of bright orange popping up in a sea of monotone.   It was both unexpected and simply stunning.

I've started spinning the last batch of low immersion experiments.    It is destined to become either shawl or sock yarn, so I'm spinning it finely.   It would be suitable to weave with as well.   The singles are lovely, with good colour definition but I think that might be lost when I ply them.   This is the first bobbin though, so it could be a while before I get to that point.   Until then, I'm enjoying how lovely this fibre spins and how pretty it is.
We've had some volunteer raspberry plants come up.  The raspberry bushes around the huge maple tree and heavily bearing, but also almost bare as the birds are eating them.  However the red raspberries by the garage seem to be out of sight of the birds.   There are black raspberries by the barn and in the middle of the gooseberry bush.  The latter one is a double prickle, since both the gooseberry and the black raspberry bushes have a goodly amount of thorns.   If I pick what I have every day or two, and pop them in the freezer, we'll have enough for something yummy.  The alternative is just eating them right away, which is also a good use for these.
The difference between black raspberries and blackberries is the core and the ripening time.  Blackberries have a core which stays with the berry, while black raspberries are hollow, like red raspberries.   Blackberries ripen later in the summer and black raspberries ripen now! 

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Woolly Bits said...

hmmm, looks tempting:) the berries and the purple/blue bobbin alike! I've never heard of black raspberries though - I have to check, maybe they have a different name in the UK. ours are still not ripe, but it won't be long now - and like you I am collecting in the freezer, to get enough for something tasty:) why are only those berries plentiful that aren't as nice to eat as straw- or raspberries?:(