Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Random Shots of a Summer hike

Snapshots from a very short hike when it was way too hot.

It was interesting playing around with settings with the heat and the resulting haze.  The grey sky and the background which looked misty were odd as it was fairly breezy and the sky was cloudless.
 The breeze was bending these spent flowers around like crazy!  I was happy to get to play with faster shutter speeds.

 It was too hot for any wildlife.  We saw one bird and a single butterfly.  This was the turn back point, when the heat was starting to defeat us.

 One last shot before we headed to a nearby town for wonderful ice cream.   They had a gazillion flavours to choose from, including Moose Tracks. Yum!

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Woolly Bits said...

I am not sure that moose track sounds like a nice ice cream flavour:) what was it like??
I am really glad that our heatwave is well over by now - I prefer lower temps., because I usually work when outside - or cycle or at least walk. roasting motionless in the sun like a chicken isn't my thing - and once it's too warm even under the parasol - it's too much summer for me:) the only good thing was that the washing was usually dry 1 hour after hanging it up!