Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Drum Carders

I'd been sending out my fleeces to get professionally processed. The problem is that some of them come back, not being exactly what I had expected or hoped for before I sent them out. I was okay with this as I'm spinning to weave with and although I love combing, I find that I can't comb quickly enough to keep up with spinning to weave with.
However my beloved spinning wheel has been acting up lately. It has gotten noisy, squeaky and cranky, despite my constant oiling and adjusting. For my birthday, I'd gotten the go ahead to look for a replacement. Hubby was sidelined this weekend with a separated shoulder and while sitting around trying to keep the shoulder immobile, he took a good look at the wheel and decided that when he's finally able to move again, he'll take it apart, reassemble it and for under $50, he can have it running as good as new! Since I couldn't decide on what wheel I wanted to replace it with... Lendrum... Kromski .... Lendrum.... Kromski... Schacht? What it means is I can give in to my DRUM CARDER LUST! I've started looking around at drum carders. I think I've got it narrowed down to either a Strauch or Pat Green drum carder.
All this decided just a couple of days before I leave for holidays. Oh the pain of it all :)
I've no idea which one to choose, although perhaps the Pat Green has a slight advantage being a Canadian company and all.


Helen said...

Hi if you do decide after all to get a new wheel ( after all you may change your mind!) get a Lendrum. They are fantastic. Hope your serach for a drum carder goes well- Iam sitting here on one I almost nver use what a shame you are on the other side of the pond! Hope your husbands shoulder gets better sonn.

Nina said...

Thanks - that was last summer and husbands shoulder healed very well after a couple of months of healing and physiotherapy. Read Jan 2008 for info on the new spinning wheel. I did try to love the Lendrum as 3/4 of my spinning guild owns one and they are of course made in Canada. However, after trying one out for a week - spinning on it regularly, I found it hard to treadle and fussy with adjustments. A couple of my friends with Lendrums also mentioned that their Lendrums were hard to treadle as well.
I test drove a Kromski and fell in love within a couple of minutes. It treadles with ease, is whisper quiet and is pretty to boot.
I am still lusting after the drum carder though -