Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Garden Goodies

This is a picture of my first real harvest from the garden. A yummy green pepper. An unknown cultivar of tomato. All I know is that it wasn't a Beefsteak variety. A handful of raspberries which promptly got eaten. A single serving of yellow beans and some basil and thyme. All got eaten for dinner tonight.
It has been an odd summer weather-wise, with late frosts and little rain. The Golden Rod is just about blooming, which is a little early and the Rudebekia as well. I lost a few of the herbs due to lack of moisture, despite my watering them regularly . The woad should have yielded at least one harvest already, but not yet. On the plus side, the Madder has flowered and is producing berries. Yay! I'm really hoping that my home grown Madder will produce better reds than my current source. I'm able to get awesome oranges, corals, salmons and rusty colours with this stuff, just not brilliant red. I was also able to harvest enough Golden Margeurite to do a small dye bath this year. The flowers are in the freezer until I get back from holidays.

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