Saturday, 18 August 2007

Phew, home from holidays

We got back from holidays last Saturday. We'd been camping at Pennsic for almost two weeks. A week and a half before we left, hubby managed to fall while fencing and separated his shoulder. Friday at physio, he was told he could doff the sling and slowly start using his arm normally. He's incredibly happy about this as the sling was getting awfully frustrating.
I've done about 40 loads of laundry as the weather in PA was either incredibly hot and humid or warm and wet, making for damp gear, clothes etc. The kids too remarkable care of the beasties while we were gone. They're all adults so they should but I think I'll always have a bit of the Mom worries. Unfortunately the computer decided to have a hissy fit just before our return. Thus I update today's blog on my brand new computer, with a 250 gig hard drive with 2 gig of ram and a LCD monitor which is large enough for me to see without glasses if I so choose! Hey, I can remember when our first computer used a tape recorder for a drive and the first floppys that were conveniently available cost almost $300! And typing in games programs.. ohh..that's a few years ago.
Tomatoes and peppers abound in the garden, although I did have to water as it's been so dry here that the pepper plants were wilting and the tomatoes turning yellow.

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