Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Woad Vat

A friend and I are teaching a class on natural dyeing this weekend. We will be doing Madder, Weld and Woad dye vats. The woad is supposed to come from my garden, however the weather this year has not been conducive to lots of growth. The lack of rain really affected the woad and much of it really was only at 4-8 tiny leaves for most of the summer, despite my trying to keep it watered. We've had rain lately though and it has finally started growing. This means I had enough to do a trial vat today. I'd had nightmares of doing the class dye vat and finding my woad leaves were lacking any or at least enough pigment to form indigotin.
I am not worried now. I got a fairly nice medium dark blue/grey on some off white silk, and the yellows I stuck in.. Lady's bedstraw or yellow bedstraw and Dyer's Greenweed, turned nice greens. I can relax as the woad is harbouring pigment afterall.

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