Tuesday, 6 November 2007

sewing and cattiness

I've been sewing, and sewing, and sewing and sewing. By hand. I don't find spinning fine yarn tedious, no matter how long it takes to fill a bobbin. I don't find any process of the weaving tedious, although I do get a little impatient sometimes near the end of a project when I wonder why I put such a long warp on. Handsewing though, I find to be on the somewhat tedious level. It looks nice to have the handfinished seams, but this gown seems to be taking longer than any other I've done. No pictures yet because.. I'm still sewing the darned thing.

Today the cat jumped on my hubby at dinner time and stole a chicken leg right off of his plate. If the dog did that, he'd be told no and not allowed to eat the food. He ( the dog) is much too well behaved to steal off someone's plate. He just waits patiently while drooling on your knee. Did the cat get told no? No! Instead, hubby let him lick the chicken and then peeled off a little bit of meat for him. Can you say spoiled rotten cat?

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