Monday, 25 May 2009

Dyeing the hood and rawhide weaving cards

Today I dyed with Yellow Bedstraw. It was about ready to flower, almost but not quite. I however needed to dye something and wanted to make sure the yarn I have for Saturday's dye day at the Burlington Weaver's Guild was good. That's my excuse anyway :) I chopped down the Bedstraw 'cause it will grow back in a few weeks, tossed it in a pot and cooked it up. I also put a bouquet of fresh lilacs in the kitchen so there was a heady perfumy smell of the lilacs and the boiled Bedstraw which is rather like overcooked spinach.. yum.. When the dye pot looked ready, I tossed in a skein of alum mordanted wool and the hood I've been working on, both of which had been soaking for over an hour.
The skein took the dye really quickly and with a much deeper colour than the hood. The colour on the hood is quite even, though there are a few tiny spots which might have had not quite the dye take up as the rest of the hood. Odd because they aren't on folds or creases but on seam lines.

Tablet weaving cards update - rawhide dog chews come in thin, flat "chips". I bought 3 packets as the rawhide bits are all of different thickness. While soaking, I cut out a pattern. I did hexagons and squares. After soaking, I traced out the pattern, cut them out and punched holes in them. I ended up only cutting out the squares because my sample hexagons required too much hole punching. The damp rawhide weaving tablets were placed between 2 pieces of lovely hardwood which is far too nice for a clamping jig and clamped together with gigantic C clamps, being as that is what I could find in the garage. I left them overnight, unclamped them and realized this morning that they weren't dry enough when I took them out. This morning, I resoaked the cards and they are in the clamping jig again. It will be several more days before I even peek this time :) Meanwhile, I will warp up the Oseberg tape loom using some cardboard tablet weaving cards, just to try it out.

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vandy said...

Ah, the mojo of lilacs! Keja used them this weekend, to get my pastry skills back...