Thursday, 7 May 2009

One of those weeks...

Sometimes you have weeks where you feel like you've been rushing around and busy as anything but have nothing really to show for it.
So this week I've helped a friend get a first draft done for a doublet pattern, I've made a pair of pants for hubby - well they're mainly done - I've tended woad seeds, weeded and revamped part of the garden, taken the dog for many walks, designed a first draft for a cloth doll pattern, drafted out some embroidery patterns for cuffs, wet finished and hard pressed the white wool fabric. While on a list it seems like a lot, really it feels like I've got nothing done...just started things.

The woad seeds are growing. Considering that everything in the past few months was in total disarray, I'm so very happy to have them, even if they are slightly behind in the growing schedule.

The white fabric is yummy and nice. I used the selvedge method in Anne Dixon's The Handweaver's Pattern Directory which really does help control draw in and the neatness of the selvedges. Right off the loom it was 121.5 inches long and 23.5 inches wide. After wet finishing it was 117 inches long and 23 inches wide. It was nice after wet finishing but doing a hard steam press on the fabric made it so much nicer. The fabric is soft, drapes well and is going to turn into a hood! There is enough extra for the fabric for the doll costume for the above mentioned doll pattern. Hence the reason why I wove it white and will dye it in the garment. The scraps and leftovers will be dyed for the costume as well but in a couple of different colours.

The dye pots are still packed from the house selling adventure, in a box labelled in a very effective manner - dining room - 'cause that's where they were at the time they got packed.. sigh. I'm going to have to find them soon as I'm teaching a day long dye seminar in Burlington at the end of May!

I think it's time to write down a new todo list of projects. Sometimes too many start popping up at once and a list really does help put them into a realistic order. It also is very good for managing the finishing of projects and not just the starting of them.

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