Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A day for weaving

It is a grey and drizzly day today. A perfect day for getting things done or at least started. With that in mind, I made bread with some sweet sourdough starter I was given. While it made a tasty loaf, it really wasn't very sourdough tasting. It would be easier and tastier to just use my grandmother's bread recipe. I'll try a different starter next time. ( The daffodils are bright and cheery, even with the gloomy day).

The woad seeds got planted for the comparison between directly planted seeds and seedlings started ahead of time. I've found woad germinates rather quickly and gets leggy just as fast, so starting it now still gives me plenty of time to get it into the garden beds at our normal spring planting time, somewhere about the last week of May.

Weaving is happening as well. The softness and generally nice hand of this fabric makes up for weaving in plain white. I don't imagine it will stay plain white. I've already got plans for it and right now I'm trying to decide whether this will be a woad blue or a madder red dye project. Depending on how much it takes for the garment, will decide if it's dyed in the cloth or dyed in the garment. I want the scraps for a secondary project and they'll be yellow, greenish and possibly brown. I wove the starter header/sample bit with a contrasting colour of yarn so that I could check for threading errors and crossed threads more easily. The difference in the pattern visibility on the white warp/white weft would have made it much more difficult.

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