Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Urban Wildlife and Inkles

I've been noticing new and regular visitor to my back garden. He's very wary and startles even if someone moves too quickly at an upstairs window. I have suspected he has been visiting for several years but this is the first year I've seen him. It's nice to see urban wildlife, even if it is a garden eating bunny. Here he is as seen from the 2nd story window, through the window screen.

The floor loom is in the process of being dressed. I'm working on threading the heddles right now. At the rate at which I'm allotting time for this chore, it could take several years or at least a week. It's plain white wool which I hope to dye after it's off the loom. Since my big pot is packed, this seemed like the best way to actually get this project started.

The inkle loom has been busy. The blue and white pick up pattern took days to weave off, despite regular attention to the loom. While I was wanting to do a brocade pattern, I did a few simple, narrow bands just to bump up the production. I'm actually trying to find a pattern that makes me smile enough to use for trim on a green linen gown. I'm getting close but haven't found the right one yet. However, I have used up a bunch more small bits of handspun and have almost 8 more yards of trim to show for it. I really wanted a bit of green yarn in the trim, but didn't have any suitable. This was a tad frustrating until I looked at my roving stash near my spinning chair. There, on top, was a naturally dyed green batt, waiting to be spun. So soon, there will be green yarn to weave with. The top one is natural tan, dyer's knotweed blue and dyer's greenweed yellow. The bottom is natural tan, natural black and a rusty madder red.

The Orangeville Alpaca show was lots of fun. We had loads of spinners come out to play so spinning was fun and relaxing. The shawl produced was very pretty; a herringbone twill in two shades of brown alpaca.

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