Monday, 27 April 2009

The Garden Believes it's spring!

The garden is growing fast and furiously. It's amazing how much colour there can be this early in the growing season. The sage is up and there are leaves large enough to harvest! The thyme is just starting to show signs of growth so the rest won't be too far behind. There are a huge amount of flowers bursting with colour as well. The Fritillaria meleagris, also known as Snake's Head Fritillary and checkered lily is first dated to 1575. There is only one of them in the garden and it just happily comes up every year.
The Yellow star of Bethelem and Bloodroot are perking up the Allium which is looking like it wants to bloom soon as well. The daffodils, both yellow and white are in full bloom as are the Hyacinths. There is this low, purple charmer, which I can't identify. When we moved here it was planted everywhere. Having dug up much of the former gardens and repurposed it to raised beds or different plants, I thought it might have been disappeared. It is obviously a hardy beast as it has taken only a couple of years to be back in full vengence, a purple wash across lawn and flower beds alike. It dies back fairly quickly, so I don't mind it at all.
Finally of course there is the old and cranky Dog Lily, enjoying the sunshine of a warm day, probably hopeing that I will drop the bacon flavoured doggie treat in my pocket.
There is a warp on the loom and cloth being woven, but it is too nice to be inside weaving all day today!


Leena said...

Your purple charmer looks like Corydalis solida. The first are just starting to bloom here, but I think next week we have a lots of lovely purple:)

Nina said...

That's it exactly. I've checked all sorts of seed catalogues, spring bulb catalogues, books, heritage seed and plant places but without a hint of a name, I've not been able to find it! Thank you!
I love the way it spreads and gives such a huge burst of early colour and then just completely disappears so later blooming plants aren't in competition with it.