Thursday, 17 September 2009


This summer, just before we moved, I was telling my friend Aibhilin what plans I had for projects to do, along with moving house and the wedding. Her comment to me was "Sweetie, you're delusional". Well, I thought she was wrong and set about getting things done. Then life intervened. The move took longer than expected. The unpacking is still being unpacked 'cause with having to do some renovations and repairs, it just can't all be put away until the other projects are done first. While some clutter doesn't bother me, the total disarray is somewhat exhausting.

Slowly projects have been set aside. The embroidered cuffs sit abandoned in the sewing room. I came to the realization that I didn't have time to learn to embroider with wool and get the project done to my satisfaction. Yes, embroidering with wool was enough different than with cotton to make a bit of a learning curve for me.
It's not been a total loss for project completion though. I had to make a pillow cover. I knew that if I didn't do it soon, the bare cushion would end up in use and never be covered. So I dug though piles of remnant bits and settled on some wool scraps. I will admit it was as much because the cat would like it as for design elements. I think it turned out pretty nicely and it came together fairly quickly once I figured out what design I wanted on it. A couple of templates drawn on cereal boxes traced on to the wool worked wonderfully for applique patterns.

The garden is being weeded. It too, is taking longer than I thought. When we first moved in though, the soil was sodden and heavy so it took much longer. We've not had rain in ages, so it's dusty work, but coming along.

The dire "gotta weave something" project of crochet cotton is off the loom. I was able to weave up until about 2-3 inches to the back apron rod. That meant I was able to weave off the loom waste and sample bit to create a 5th project. All I need to do is run the edges by the dividing yarn through the sewing machine or serger, cut and sew up the bottom and side seams. Adding a draw string to the top opening will finish them off.

I transplanted the rosemary to a pot and brought it inside for the winter. I am tired of buying a new plant every year and then it never really growing enough for a good harvest. At least this way I can have fresh Rosemary once in a while during the winter and hopefully it will be larger next spring to go back into the garden. There is also Sage to harvest again. I don't use alot of sage but the stuff I harvest and dry tastes so much nicer than the dried, supermarket sage dust.

The Medieval Weaving program I did for the Oxford County Weaver's and Spinner's was lots of fun. I am amazed at how warm and welcoming the spinners and weavers I have met through this venture. I felt at home with them as I did with all the other groups I've been to. I think I shall enjoy being a part of their guild. It did however take a big bite out of my time this week as I had to figure out where I'd stashed all my demo resources!

While the underdress is finally done, the hem was marked a tad too long so I fear I must take it out and redo it in order not to trip and land flat on my face in some embarrassing context 'cause you know it won't happen when nobody is looking.
Don't ask me about the the new gown 'cause Aibhilin, my friend.. you were right! Maybe just a tad delusional :)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry I was right, love you


Jody said...

I had the same thing with my rosemary so I keep it in a pot and put it out in the summer and bring it in for the winter. I noticed that I need to water it frequently in the colder months inside (the room it is in is pretty cool) but so far it's getting big and bushy!

vandy said...

Sorry about the underdress hem having to be done again. (Mind you, if it's an underdress, you can often get by with a narrowware belt knotted around your middle, and hoiking it up some. Doesn't show when you put on the overdress. I do that with a couple of linen undergowns, where I've still never quite committed to what I'll be wearing them with. Sometimes I want them longer, sometimes shorter. And never just get a second gown made...

Leigh said...

I wanted to stop by to thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my 5 Acres blog. I read this post and boy can I relate!