Saturday, 5 September 2009

To Remind Me

why I decided to strip the wallpaper in the living room, 'cause this project is going to get old, really quickly. Yesterday working on and off all afternoon and evening, I managed to strip away an area in the living room which was about 3' wide and not quite the full 8 ' high.
There is a layer of vinyl wallpaper of which the topmost layer mainly, but not quite completely peels off. The paper and glue layer must be soaked to remove, revealing another layer of wallpaper. This one has 2 layers and has been so kindly glued down directly onto the drywall. There isn't a drop of primer on the walls nor even the plaster joints.

It is taking forever and I've already gone through over 1/2 bottle of wallpaper remover. It was probably 4 -5 hours of scraping to get that small patch done. Did I mention it's a fair sized room?

However washing the wallpaper couldn't get all the dirt off. A second wash just pulled more out and moved it around the wallpaper. Pulling off the top layer, reveals that the smoke, tar and nicotine had permeated into the under layers. Ick.. When I get frustrated, I'll check back at this photo for renewed incentive.


Tammy W. said...

Ugh Nina - that sucks! Been there - done that. What I use is a large wide metal blade (about 6" wide) - like you would use for putting compound on the joints - I tear off the vinyl layer - then I sponge hot water onto the wall to soak the glue and paper underneath. I also keep a squirt bottle of hot soapy water with me as well.
After 5 minutes - start scraping. Hard work - but I hope it helps a bit.

vandy said...

What about opting for a nice textured paint? I've sen some fabulous...oh..dang...senility...old art form of painted plaster...encaustic? Anyway, I've seen some really marvellous textural effects. Not in your face texture, but the kind that give a subtle complexity and forgive a mulitude of sins. (If I ever actually bestri myself to repaint the bathroom, I have plans for a faux Byzantine mosaic!)