Monday, 22 March 2010

Colours of March

March is normally, grey, snowy and windy here... but the seasons have been confused lately, with last summer sort of passing us by and this winter missing us completely. Regardless, the unseasonably warm March weather has been welcome and the sunshine a blessing. I welcome the warmer weather because I absolute love hanging my laundry outside. It's one of those weird housekeeping tasks I enjoy... not tossing it in a dryer, but hanging it on the line. I'm happy to have a clothes line again!

Two weeks ago, I was able to hang my laundry out. It was a glorious day and while it was still below freezing when I hung it out, it was warm enough to do so. My rule of thumb is that I won't hang it out if my fingers stiffen up and get too cold from the temps. On the farm though, the neighbour was always a tad disdainful that I stopped in late October and didn't start back until the spring, as she hung hers out all winter!

Just a few days ago, it was already gloriously warm in the morning when I hung it out! And no snow! I was at the farm yesterday and they still had just a bit of snow, but then it's neither here nor there since they had snow fall on Saturday and we had it as freezing rain Sunday morning.

The only things in bloom yet are the Maple trees. Somehow I think it is too early for them to flower, but they are already! I loved the colour of the sky at this moment.

Because nothing is blooming yet.. the daffodils have only just awoken from their winter slumber and have stretched only about an inch towards the sky, I had to go with some artificial colour this year. Pots of forced Hyacinth bulbs have been on sale this year. They are one of my favourite bulbs for both their colour and aroma. This one was sitting right beside my loom. mmmm


Life Looms Large said...

Love the laundry pictures!!! I can see why you don't hang it outside when your hands stiffen up. Don't want hypothermia setting in!

That is a gorgeous hyacinth!

Thanks for sharing your colors! I'll bet you and I will both have a lot more spring surrounding us in April!


Leigh said...

Beautiful photos, Nina. I agree about line drying laundry, if my fingers get too stiff to manage the clothes pins, then it's too cold! I find too, that our cold days still have too much humidity to do the job properly, so I end up having to put most of it in the dryer for a bit anyway.

I love the color of the hyacinth. Even if it is "forced"!

Nina said...

Sue- I'm hoping for more colour in April, but depending on the weather, it could even be May. When we bought the house, I was told there were many spring bulbs here, but so far I've found 2 tiny patches of daffs, 1 of tulips and 1 which might be trout lilies... all small.

Leigh - well, for $2.99 I can't resist the pots of hyacinths and if I let them grow out their natural cycle, I can plant them in the fall, which is even better!

Woolly Bits said...

I don't have a dryer, so I have to put my laundry on the rack over the oven! which means that everything dries quickly enough, only, everything smells kind of smoky too:(( the first laundry dried outside in the fresh air and wind is always a feast for me:)) I even like it when the dogs come inside - with the scent of fresh outside air trapped inside their coats - for a while!

Nina said...

I love the smell out outside for laundry. On the farm we had a winter clothes line behind the furnace. If you needed the garment the next day you hung it at the furnace end. If you didn't, it was hung further down the line.

Annie said...

The first time in a year when we can hang the laundry outside, on the line, can make me happy, too! Aren't we all alike!

Sara said...

I love the way laundry smells when you bring it in from outside! Love your photos...