Saturday, 27 March 2010

OMG! So Much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, five friends and I ran away from home for an afternoon playing in the mud. Well, first we went to a charming tea room for lunch. Then we played in the mud! It was a pottery play date for adults! There were 3 stations and we split into groups of two and rotated. We had instruction in three different techniques, decoration, slab plates and throwing pots on a wheel.

The first lesson for Ceinwen and I was the decorating a bowl. We got to design and paint a pre-made, bisque fired bowl. Mine was fairly simple with a vine of leaves around the outside and this little blob inside. Ceinwen did the cutest kitties on hers! It was neat to see all the finished bowls because you could tell from the decoration, who did which bowl!
Throwing pots on the wheel concerned me a tad. The only other time I tried it, it was on a home-made wheel with excessive vibrations that I found arm-numbing. The potter's wheels we used were much nicer, with no vibration and it was so much easier and so much more enjoyable as well.

These pieces are Ceinwen's and mine. I have two more, a thrown plate and a tumbler. The lovely instructor, Lou said she'd apply a handle to the tumbler to turn it into a mug, which she doesn't normally do. One piece will be glazed and the rest we'll get as bisque fired pieces that we will have to find a way to get glazed and fired on our own.
This was a blast of brilliant fun! I want to do more!

If you ever need a fun afternoon out for 6-10 people, I highly recommend Lou and company at Lou Hanson Pottery in Dundas, On. The have a lovely studio kitty as well as a couple of placid Newfoundland dogs who ignored us all!


Life Looms Large said...

That sounds like such a great day!!! I want to try making pottery on a wheel, but without committing to a giant class. That sounds perfect! (Except kind of far from where I live!)


Jody said...

What fun! I've always wanted to try pottery making too. I wish that studio was closer to me :)

Karen said...

Oh wow, that sounds fantastic! I did a similiar intro workshop in Peterborough a few months ago and loved it. I've been looking for a potter's workshop locally so I can continue.

I'm happy you had such a great day!

Leigh said...

That is so neat! I did some pottery in high school, but mostly just enjoy what others do. Like I'm enjoying yours!

Nina said...

Sue check out some of the local pottery studios. We've found a few that offer half and full day sessions. There is probably one that you just haven't found yet. But you have Vavstuga reasonably close and that is really cool!

Jody - It was lots of fun, but call around I'll bet someone not to far offers something similar.

Karen- yes, it was a pretty nice day, although I did think about you and FITP a couple of times. It seemed so odd to miss it this year. But one of the gals works most weekends, so this was the only time we could do it.

Leigh - Thanks! I like checking out other's blogs for the same reason of enjoying what they do.