Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy April

Today I started a new pair of socks using the Christmas Sock Yarn. Because it was special sock yarn.. indie dyer, really nice, soft, smooshy yarn, I wanted a special pattern. I chose Cookie A's Monkey. It's a lace pattern and requires a bit more thinking to keep the pattern flowing. It's definitely not mindless knitting, though it isn't difficult. I needed to go with really tiny needles though as the yarn was too sproingy for the gauge. I cobbled a set of 5 dpns together from different sources as there were none that tiny in the local area stores. Did you know that size is also useful for making tiny viscose ringlets for tiny porcelain dolls?

There is some blue merino on the Ashford Traveller. It was roving dyed with Dyer's Knotweed. Possibly some that was dyed in an Indigo Sig Vat - urine reduction process, because when moving, it all went into one bag. Right, like I really thought I could remember which was which.. ha!

On the Kromski is some natural coloured Shetland. This is a two ply. There are two half bobbins left to ply up. I didn't use the Jumbo bobbin as I didn't feel like changing out the flyers.

Our weather has been insanely mild and sunny for April. The spring bulbs are coming up and I noticed today that the birch tree is blooming. Some of the trees look like they're about to leaf out already! I found these under a patch of leaves. I thought we hadn't any crocuses here, but I was wrong.. not many though. This fall I will plant more.


Leigh said...

Do you mean jumbo bobbins and flyer for the Kromski? Hmm. I have a Kromski too but didn't realize they offered other flyers and bobbins(?). Something to think about.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who can't remember those dyeing process nuances! For some reason I always think I will, but never do. :)

Nina said...

Yes Ma'am... I believe that they offer the Jumbo Flyer and jumbo bobbins for most, if not all of the Kromski wheels now. The bobbins are BIG and hold a lot. The Minstrel flyer comes with 2 orifice pegs, which switch out easily with a turn screw. It's a handy little accessory, which I've so far found incredibly useful.