Friday, 23 April 2010

Colours of April

April is one of those in between months. We can have lovely, spring like weather. We can have snow storms or rain. This April has mainly had spectacularly wonderful weather. We've gone from barely green grass at the beginning of the month, to flowers and leaves just a couple of weeks later. Spring is here!

We've had some interesting clouds. This was early in the month before things starting greening up!

Pretty Daffodils.

Tulips, about to open!

The Plum tree is flowering. The plums are small and didn't really ripen last year, but it's still pretty.

Such a sunny colour!


Tina T-P said...

Hi - Happy Spring - Love your Colors of April! T.

Leigh said...

Beautiful array of color, Nina! I love spring!

Nina said...

Tina - Thank you!

Leigh - Spring is a very special time. After all that snow, it is a joy to have the blue skies, green grass, leaves and of course the flowers!

Sharon said...

This is my favorite post moment of the month - Sue's colors. It's just fun and I especially enjoyed the first shot of what your area looks like - not mountainous at all.

Nina said...

Sharon - Not a real mountain anywhere to be seen! Actually, we're really hard pressed to find a real hill here! This is flat ol' farm country :) Pretty in it's own way.

Annie said...

Perhaps April is an 'in between month', but I do love the spring flowers and the colours of April!

Life Looms Large said...

I know I've already stopped by to admire your photos, but somehow I neglected to comment and thank you for them. Sorry about that!!

I really need to plant some daffodils. We have none - and they have done so well and look so pretty at this time of year in all my neighbors' yards!

Glad you got to enjoy the early spring too. Our leaves look like they would in late May usually. It's so nice to not have mud season like we usually do!!

Thanks for sharing your colors!


Sara said...

So fun to see all the beautiful flowers!!!