Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Last week was busy and tiring. I was away on a course all week, commuting back and forth. This week I get to start the projects associated with the course and try to get back into my routines!

The greenhouse goodies are growing well! During the day, the greenhouse gets so warm that I need to vent it. I was putting plants outside during the day but there have been some cool days and they dry out quickly in the sun and wind. Being inside the greenhouse, they may get warm, but it is humid enough that they don't dry out excessively. They aren't leggy and look strong and green! I don't have any paste tomatoes growing though, but a number of other varieties. The Brandywine reds look fine. I have a number of mixed heirlooms, although I don't know exactly what varieties, there are at least 3 different leaf types in that batch. There is a tiny yellow pear tomato which I'm not sure about. I bought the seeds on a whim, after a bit of a run in with a vivid imagination. Imagine pasta with pretty little yellow tomatoes, tossed with a bit of garlic, olive oil and fresh basil. That is what led me to order those seeds! I hope it tastes as good as it looks. There are a few seeds left to start early, mainly the curcurbits - cucumbers, pumpkin and squash, which really only need to be started a few weeks before the planting date.

On the wheel is more of the fawn Shetland. It seems to be taking forever to spin this, not because it's difficult to spin, but because I'm distracted as all get out. Between the course and making space for an herb garden, which is currently filled with hostas, spinning sometimes gets put on the back burner. I couldn't believe that last week, when I got home, I was actually too tired to spin!

On top of it is the little baby chooks. No they don't take up masses of time, although they do need to be checked on at least twice a day and have their feeders filled and water changed out. They are however mesmerizing to watch. I hate to think of how many times I just went out to check their feeders and brooder temperatures and found myself jarred back to reality half an hour later, after watching their sweet little antics, or watching them sleep. They are changing quickly. Yesterday I took this piccy but today, most of the little white meaties are starting to get tail feathers! They've been posturing and spreading their wings and looking oh so strong and brave. My little layers though, are starting to run circles around them. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon! On the other hand, I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoyed doing barn chores.


Helen said...

chicks are fabulous! I know what you mean about spinning wheel is languishing in the corner too!

Helen said...

sorry should have read " my wheel is languishing...."

Jody said...

Mmmm.. that pasta sounds delicious...I luv herbs and other fresh ingredients.
Your Shetland yarn is beautiful :)

Leigh said...

I am so envious of your greenhouse shot. I really need to do better with my seed starting next spring. The chicks are so cute. Hurray for barn chores!

Nina said...

Helen - the chicks are indeed fabulous and an awful lot of fun! I've been forcing myself to spin for at least a few minutes each day. Using the you can do anything for 10 minutes, accomplishes an awful lot some days!

Jody - thanks! My goal is to make something for DH. He's usually the last to get anything made for him.

Leigh- have you thought of a Hoop House for starting plants? They are supposed to make excellent greenhouses. You could also make a cold frame - both are inexpensive and easy to build. I'm hinting at getting a couple of smaller hoop houses just to push the planting dates earlier and later!