Friday, 9 April 2010

Just a quick update..

The socks are done! Off the needles, ends sewn in and they just need blocking, except of course, I rarely block socks. Generally I just wash them and either lay them flat to dry or hang them on the line. That won't happen for a day or two more because it's been rainy and cold!

The shetland yarn is plied and off the wheel. It's not really super soft yarn and I need to spin up a bit more of it to have a useful amount. I don't however have an immediate plan for it, just the need to spin something. Now there is some white shetland at the top of the queue. It's somewhat coarse fibre, but since it's for dyeing samples, it will be perfect. Normally I don't like to spin yarn to sample with as it just seems to be more economical to buy a skein for $5 instead of spending 10 hours spinning enough 2 ply to sample with. I'm doing it this time because I don't actually have a convenient place to buy any before I need it and really don't want to spend half a day running into the city for a skein of yarn!

The seeds are starting to sprout. The Marigolds won the race for tray one, followed closely by the English Thyme. The Oregano and Summer Savory tied for third and the Borage, Winter Savory. The various tomatoes, Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Misc. Cherry tomato and mixed Heirloom tomatoes are just starting to show and the Lovage is in dead last place, for germination speed.

I direct planted a bunch of woad into the garden on just before we had a few days of rain. Yesterday we had a river in the backyard because of the amount of rain, which of course ran right through the woad bed. If it doesn't show any sign of growth in a week or so, I'll presume that the seeds have washed down across the yard and into the neighbour's bean fields.

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Leigh said...

We're supposed to block socks??? Just kidding. Actually I never block them as I like a snug fit and once they're on my feet, who can tell!

I love reading about your sprouting seeds. I can't wait to get my little sprouts in the ground. Heck, I can't wait for the bulk of my seed planting to begin!