Monday, 3 May 2010

And Now I Need a Nap!

More Shetland - Two more skeins, albeit not gigantic ones, just regular ones off the wheel. I'm not winding the skeins as I've yet to wash them. Wound up it looks like a much lesser amount, so I'm leaving it like this for now.

The chicks have outgrown their brooder and will need a new one. We'll be just blocking off part of the coop for now to give them more space to run, although I really think we'll need to separate the meaties from the layers soon. My sweetie put a door on the coop! It didn't have one as the chicks came before we had time to finish the coop room in the barn. We figured we'd have a bit of time before we absolutely needed the door.. Wrong! Their wings feather out first and when I take the top off the brooder, they get all excited and try out their new, getting somewhat effective wings. So the coop got a door before one of them got out and we had to find them in the mess that is the rest of the barn.. mostly not our mess, I might add, but junk left by the previous owners. I wouldn't have minded so much if they'd left antique tools or something, but broken bits of wood, trash, rusted bits of who knows what and old, worn out stuff.. not so much...
Anyway, the coop door is nicer than any door in the house!

Other than that, I've been mowing our yard with the push mower. It's a big yard, but the riding mower just chops up the grass and you can't even rake it. With the push mower, I can bag it up and toss it in those garden beds I was working on last year. By adding the fresh grass clippings, it will balance with the leaves from last fall. I'm adding some soil and compost as well. Of course, soil by the bag was just to get started.. we'll probably need a somewhat larger amount and some wheel barrow power! At the rate that I get around the garden, by the time I get to the front yard, it will be time to mow the back again!

Garden update-
Onion sets are just barely starting to peek through the soil
Golden beets, spinach and lettuce are big enough to be identifiable
No arugula yet :(
Woad seeds germinating nicely
In the greenhouse, the plants are still looking happy. I was at a garden centre yesterday and they had single tomato plants for $3 each! They were a bit bigger than mine are, but I'd hope so for that price. Sadly there wasn't a single container with multiple seedlings in it.. no 4 or 6 packs. That would be an expensive way to get your garden growing! So the tomatoes look fine. Did I mention that I've got somewhere abouts 50 tomatoes started? Not sure how I managed or rather mis-managed that one. So if I'm giving you tomato plants, it's cause I have way too many!
Marigolds, Elecampane, Borage, Madder, Woad, Japanese Indigo, Ladies Bedstraw, herbs.. lots doing really well. The only things which have not done well are the Black Hollyhocks and the Rudebekia Goldsturm, for some reason.


Karen said...

Are you going to Pennsic this year? Who tends your gardens while you're gone?

50 tomatoes starting to ripen in August is a lot!

Nina said...

My boys are home all summer, so that isn't a problem. I won't have 50 tomatoes in the ground. I'm growing some for a couple of friends and I planted a few extras to be safe. Unfortunately all the extras germinated!