Friday, 28 May 2010

Colours of May

Time again for the Colours of the Month. Sue started this and it's pretty interesting to see little glimpses into another part of the world.
Late in the afternoon we had quite a t-storm. As it moved on and the daylight faded, I looked out the window to see this. I grabbed my camera as I ran outside and snapped. By the time I got across the road to eliminate the hydro wire, it was both too dark and disappearing rapidly. I don't see rainbows too often, but this one sure was pretty.

The first poppy. I wish I had gotten seeds from the other house as there were a variety of colours. Here there are lots of them, but only orange ones. Paper-thin double ones that are huge and spectacular, but orange none the less.

A cast off Robin's egg. It was such a pretty blue. This shell had obviously hatched already. We have lots of them nesting around our house. My sweetie says it's because I make the place too bird friendly, feeding them well all winter and somewhat in the summer too.

A pile of wood. The fresh cut wood contrasted interestingly with the rest of the colours. We'll be able to use it for campfire wood next year, once it dries a bit.

Bleeding hearts framing the pond. I like the spring colours. After the whites, browns and greys of winter, the bright colours are wonderful.


Life Looms Large said...

Great colors of May!!! Good catch on your storm photo! (Doesn't it always seem like there's a power line that your eye somehow edits out...but the camera doesn't?)

I've been noticing stacks of wood as I drive around here. I guess it's never too early to start preparing for the next winter!!

Thanks for joining in with your colors!


suzibee said...

The photo of the bleeding hearts is especially nice.

Annie said...

Beautiful May colours!
Good to see your bleeding hearts photo: I was too late for mine. (And in my entry I forgot to take a photo of the poppies!)May is such a great month for colour.

Jody said...

Aren't those poppies beautiful! I luv the bright fluffly flowers.
Looks like we are in for a dry and hot summer (let's hope it's dry and not so humid).

Nina said...

Sue - funny thing is that I knew the wire was there, but we were losing light so quickly, that I took it anyway. Better with the wire than not at all.

Suzi- Thanks! I liked that one too.

Annie - It's interesting that we have so many similar flowers although we are half a world apart! That's pretty cool.

Jody - Well, I'm not counting on the lack of humidity. We seem to be in humidity central here! It would be nice though. We can always dream.

Leigh said...

Wonderful photos! It's so much fun to see what's going on in different places in the world.