Friday, 14 May 2010

Washing Marshmallows

One of the samples I got recently at the spinning course was from a coated Cormo sheep. Well, apparently mainly coated until not long before shearing. The fleece showed it as there is virtually no vegetable matter or crud in the fleece and only the smallest bits of tips are dirty. It is very fine and full of lanolin. It is springy, really, really springy. How springy? Like really good, fresh marshmallows.

I filled up the sink with a spurt of dish washing soap and really hot water. I stuck the fleece into the sink. I had to gently keep pushing the fleece down. It wanted to just float on top! It really was like trying to push marshmallows underwater! After two washes it was extremely white and took several rinses to get the water clear. It was still pretty springy when wet! That was new to me as I've never had wet, springy wool before.

I dried it in lingerie bags clipped onto the clothes line. It dried in no time because it was sunny and windy out today. Carding it was a novelty! It is fine and not very long. The longest staple I have is probably less than 3 inches. When you card it, it either wants to stretch out and spring back and become neppy or just fluffs up and says I want to be yummy woolens, depending on how quickly you card it.

When rolled into a rolag or sausage, you get what looks rather convincingly like a MARSHMALLOW of all things! Being a fine wool, it spins a little less easily than the lovely Shetland that I tend to gravitate to. Right now I'm trying a worsted prep.... ick... but I'll bet it will do a long draw beautifully and make yummy, soft mitten yarn.


Jody said...

I have always wanted to try Cormo wool. I am not keen on spinning short fibres though...probably because I am not experienced with it. I guess I just need to practice.

Leigh said...

Great post title! Yummy Cormo fleece. I agree it would be better spun woolen, but still, sampling like you're doing is essential.

I nominated you for an award Life Is Good. Come check it out and see if you'd like to particiapte.