Thursday, 19 August 2010

Colours of August

Time once again for the Colours of August. Check out Sue's blog for more colour from around the world.
Buffalo as seen from across the Niagara River, from Fort Erie. It was a hot, hazy day which started out somewhat cloudy. It hadn't quite cleared yet. Still, the water is an amazing blue and the city looks quite pretty from here.

The Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I don't really like the touristy trappishness of the town, but the Falls on both sides of the border are awe inspiring. The water roars by. The mist sprays far further than one would expect. The shear volume of water pounding on those rocks is incredible. It is a sight which always takes my breath away.

The American Falls. On our side, we get a good view of both. I liked this one in particular because of the rainbow. It sort of makes that thundering, awe inspiring water feel a tad more gentle.On the home front, I found these beauties hidden away in the tomato plants. There are now a bunch of them ripening. A sun warmed, freshly picked tomato tastes of summer like no hard, tasteless, winter tomato can.

Goldenrod. It's blooming. It's pretty. It's also a sad harbinger of autumn. We've only a few weeks left of summery weather, before our nights start getting cold and we will have our first frost.

This is supposed to be a sign of Autumn, but they are ripening already. These are Sugar Sweet Pie pumpkins. Supposedly weighing in at less than 5 lbs, one harvested already must be 10 lbs or close too it. Three are already harvested, 2 curing and one with from a damaged vine, sitting on the deck to hopefully ripen fully. There are at least 6 more in various stages of ripening. If they all survive, that will be an awful lot of pumpkin! Good thing it freezes well and my guys really like pumpkin pie!


Sharon said...

I love your colors, especially the ripening tomatoes :) I'd sure love to see some of that color here!

Leigh said...

Beautiful! I especially love the blues of the first photos. You've still got me remembering our family vacation to the Niagra part of the world. For some reason, the wax museum really stuck in my mind. Scary for a little kid! Your tomatoes look great and I really envy that pumpkin.

Annie said...

After posting my blog in this series, I'm reading the others. I had to smile seeing your picture of the pumpkin: it is nearly the same as the one in my blog! Living so far apart and still taking the same pictures: isn't the world (and internet) great!

Life Looms Large said...

Good job making Buffalo look so beautiful!

I love Niagara Falls...the falls and the power and the rushing water when you're at the top are so gorgeous. (I, too, can do without the touristy trappings.)

You definitely have a bumper crop of pumpkins!!! If you want, when I get home I can dig out a favorite recipe I have for pumpkin date walnut cake. (I think that's what it's called). It's good frosted or not and can be frozen.

Thanks for sharing your colors!


PS: I sometimes feel that same way about goldenrod...although this year we've had a glorious long hot summer, so I don't dread winter like I often do!

Tina T-P said...

Yes, pumpkin freezes very well - we put up about 25 1# packages of it last year - bake it, mash it, then put 2 cups in a ziplock freezer bag and flatten it out carefully before you do the ziplock thing - stores in the freezer like a dream. (I also have a fantastic pumpkin muffin recipe from Farmgirl Fare if you're interested) T.

Nina said...

Tina - yes please, I'd love the recipe

Sue - Pumpkin Date Walnut cake sounds divine. It would be a nice change from pie.

Leigh - I think the Wax Museum is probably a fun and scary place for kids. I was quite terrified as a child when we had to visit there.

Sharon - I'll be all your tomatoes will ripen at once and you'll have a great harvest.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful goldenrod photo reminds me I should harvest and dry some for dyeing later! Love the falls photos, have never been - one day...